ALERT!! ARS shows invalid HOA statutes

March 28, 2014

 See AZ legislature fails to remove invalid statutes from its ARS web page

“Because the [right] to rule is rather the appearance of justice rather than justice itself, the appearance of injustice defeats every [right] to rule.”[1] While the SB 1454/HB 2371 redux bills SB 1482 and HB 2695 appear to be dead this session, there is still no bill to repeal the amended statutes in Sess. L. […]

Bill to allow HOA managers to represent HOAs at OAH!

February 20, 2014


The 2014 session of the Legislature has 2 mirror bills, SB 1482 and HB 2695, that are copies of the trice defeated bills of 2013, HB 2371/SB 1454 (found unconstitutional by the courts in Staropoli v State of Arizona). They seek special exceptions for unlicensed, untrained HOA managers to represent HOAs at OAH (and in small claims court). There is no provision for you, the homeowner, to have an unlicensed, untrained third-party speak for you at OAH. There are no provisions for training or licensing of HOA Managers for this purpose.


See tyranny of the AZ Senate: SB 1482 as SB 1454 redux and AZ’s ominous SB 1482: the return of unconstitutional SB 1454

OAH website registration expired as of May 5, 2013

March 7, 2013

Folks, I’d never believe it, but an example of government transparency lost has occurred right here in Arizona. Network Solutions, the USA entity that registers domain names like AZOAH.COM, the OAH website, shows that the registration of this name has expired as of this past Monday.

  That’s why there’s no access.  I presume somebody will pay the fee, unless the OAH budget has been cut.

OAH refuses to correct misleading public information on non-HOA petitioners

July 20, 2012

My investigation into the false and misleading reporting that a non-HOA entity is an OAH Petitioner, in violation of ARS § 41-2198.01(B), indicates an administrative error on the part of OAH. An error which is easily correctable and which would not mislead the public. Yet, the Director/Chief Administrative Judge refuses to correct the false statement.  (12F-H1212010-BFS, Pecos Ranch Community Association, Associated Asset Management, LLC vs. Randy and Sharon Hoyum).

In response to my notification, OAH took the position that only the assigned ALJ could make the change upon motion by a party.  But, OAH has no procedure for filing a motion to intervene by a person affected by the Petition, a person with rightful standing.  And why should a third party or even a party to the case be required to correct an obvious clerical error, most likely not the doing of an ALJ.  Where is the logic?   Something is wrong here!  This concern for impartiality to the extent of not correcting a clerical error is very disturbing.

The Petition was filed by the Brown/Olcott attorney for the HOA and AAM is not a co-petitioner, and there is no DFBLS Multiple Petitioners form submitted.  The petition form asks for both the name of the management firm and the attorney.  Obviously, some newbie got it wrong, and if not, then we really have a serious question of the integrity of OAH with respect to HOA adjudication. 

The important issue is the position by OAH to allow an obvious false statement to continue to be displayed for public consumption.  A position of bureaucratic rules over justice.

OAH history was made this month: first HOA petition filed

July 16, 2012

OAH history was made this month with the first of 101 Petitions filed, since Sept. 2006, by an HOA.:   12F-H1212010-BFS, Pecos Ranch Community Association, Associated Asset Management, LLC vs. Randy and Sharon Hoyum.

Please note, however, the co-plaintiff is an HOA management firm and is barred from filing HOA petitions by statute. It is the same management firm hit with the UPL ruling that it engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. See
Final Order: HOA management firm engaged in unauthorized practice of law


DFBLS/OAH new complaint form for multiple homeowenrs

June 21, 2012

The Dept FBLS posted a new form whereby several homeowners may chip in for the $550 and file a single complaint against their HOA. The DFBLS site is  LET OTHERS KNOW!

“An owner’s petition (complaint) must be about a dispute between the owner and the association. Multiple Petitioners may consolidate their actions into one Petition only if the facts at issue are identical and by using this form with the Petition form: Multiple Petitioners Form_HOA.pdf

That’s a good move by the Director, Gene Palma.

Petitions must be filed against the HOA, not directors

February 5, 2012

In OAH Petition 11F-20112005-BFS, the homeowner filed against and named the four individual board members rather than the HOA. AZ law states that a Petition may be filed only between the HOA and individuals. After a hearing where the Petitioner said he was actually filing against the HOA, only one response was filed by a board member. As that director signed in her name only, and not on behalf of the board, the Petition was vacated and remanded to the agency, DFBLS, to “provide an opportunity for the Association to submit a response.”  In such event, DFBLS may request an ALJ hearing again.


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